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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Debate on College Question

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Debate on College Question photo

Sweet College Years or..?

Today, the inevitability of higher education is under question. Everyone with the working Internet can retrieve volumes of information in any corner of the world. Short courses give you practical knowledge to roll into wanted fields like game development, SEO, beauty and care. Plus, students get stuck at intersections of life paths harder than ever. But colleges don’t stay still and accustom to present realities.

Our written research paper is not going to prefer one side over another. You should make an independent choice on whether you need the university at all.

Alternatives and Problems Regarding Higher Education

Courses Vs. Colleges

In courses, you can learn almost everything: baking, dancing, foreign languages, programming languages, digital graphics, finances, and countless other specialties. Average classes take less than half a year, compared to 4 years in university. And excluding self-development motives, people who attend practical lessons pursue a goal to make money quickly after.

Courses are a great choice if you want to spend your savings on profit. On the other hand, if you want to devote yourself to science, your way is heading up to the university. It has labs and intelligent colleagues to work with. It’s a free separated space where you can conduct research and invent. You choose the college when you want to know more about your world.

On the other hand, there is a list of fields that none of the courses is credited to teach. For example, you can learn first aid and self-defense, but not healthcare, law and justice, or nuclear physics. Writing essays for college will boost your creativity in writing, analysis and critical thinking.

Self-education Vs. Lectures

The Internet is an infinite up-to-date digital library where you can find anything when determined enough. You can definitely find a few examples of sharply self-educated people around you who are steps away from mastery. Maybe they even earn money with their skills.

But when you look closer, you notice years of hard work. It could span further than the typical four years. Self-study takes courage and discipline because you don’t have a parent figure that controls and directs you. At last, most of these devoted students finally enroll in college at the first opportunity. They simply love the process of studying and hope to get the most of it.

The truth is, you actually can reach professionalism without studying at college. The other thing is you will need to organize your education solo: find reliable sources, analyze works of professionals to learn new techniques, find places where your skills can be recognized and receive feedback. The complexity of the process can be repellent, although perfection is an endless process. Even after graduation, you will need to learn from your colleagues, you will need the same determination to compete.

College gives you a smoother start. It keeps an eye on your development as a specialist, and that’s the main difference. You can always find a helping hand from top college essay writing services, writing centers and libraries.

Life Vs. Education

Life is wider than college indoors. People of different ages and backgrounds are welcome to study together. They may have financial problems, low exam points, they may have a job, illness or disability, parents or children to care for. But if they do want to study, the educational system provides various choices. For example, distant or part-time lessons, government or sponsor grants, modern technologies to help people with dysfunctions. You should just search for the way for it to appear.

Another related problem: many young people don’t know or are too shy to accept who they want to be. They go to college just to fulfill someone’s expectations. It gives no positive results anyway because all the time they spend reflecting on things they may have done instead of sitting at the lecture.

No one gives us instructions, so we must think twice before making a significant step. One of the subjects to figure out is applying to university. Higher education can turn your world upside down, as well as the decision to refuse it.